Mechanical assembly

Mechanical assemblies and subassemblies

Specialized in mechanical assembly, DUMONT TECHNOLOGIES provides the technical means and solutions for the production of your mechanical assemblies and subassemblies.
Certified ISO 9001: 2008, the quality control system established by our factories in France and Romania for their mechanical assembly activities, enables us to target 100% customer satisfaction. To meet the requirements of our most demanding customers, we have developed significant expertise in several types of assembly (detachable, non-detachable, direct or indirect) with a focus on delivering quality to deadline.
In addition, every assembly is carried out by us in our own factories. By reducing the number of intermediaries, we offer our clients an undeniable competitive advantage.

Assemblage mécanique d'un sous ensemble

Machine tool design

We design our own tools for the assembly of subassemblies ensuring an ever higher level of excellence.

Our expertise – assembly techniques :

  • heading
  • crimping
  • marking
  • press-fit assembly
  • seal, bearing mounting
  • structural bonding
  • crimping
  • electrical subassembly (spot)
  • watertightness